16th May

Sharing a Life

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Last week I mentioned that I would explain my absence from Passionate Results For Lovers Blog. I have been thinking about this since because I had a feeling what this was all about but wanted to get a better handle on it.

Last November, I started a process that involved applying to go to school here in Denmark. There is a lot playing in this decision. It is a total career change for me. I was trained as a hairdresser in Canada. I took a lot of additional courses and continued to read and explore human behaviour, psychology, body language and the list goes on.

I kind of fell into this work that I am going to school for. When Ole was sick, we had a home care worker come in and check on things once in a while. She didn’t come very often because I was handling Ole’s med’s, bathing, food, all his needs.

She came in one day and said, matter of factly, that I would be good at this job if I wanted to work in this profession. I laughed and said no chance. I do this because Ole is my husband and I want to take care of him. Not have some stranger do that. Even in the hospital, it was me that took care of the personal things Ole needed. I think the nurses got a little miffed at me sometimes because I wanted what I wanted for my husband. Simple as that.

Then after Ole died, I started working as a cleaning lady for a company that a friend worked for. I needed something to do to keep me busy as well as earn money. And I figured that cleaning was a good job. Not a lot of thinking involved and I could be left by myself. I started this job about a year after Ole died.

I really enjoyed the job. The company had a contract cleaning at a handicapped house. At first I didn’t know if I could work there but as it turned out, I loved it. I quit the cleaning job and went to work IN the handicapped house caring for the people who live there. I was there almost 2 years. My heart started to hurt when I could see there could be improvements but from knowing the people who worked there, it was never going to happen.

I applied for many jobs and some I really didn’t know what I was applying for. That is how I got the job that would move me forward to go to school. I applied for a job that was in fact…home care! And I got it and have worked there for over a year now. I love this job!

So what does this have to do with my vacation from my blog? When I started this process of applying and waiting to see if I was accepted and then being accepted and wondering if I could make it through, being that the course is taught in Danish, all I could think about, and still think about is I want to share this with Ole.

I want to tell him about my day. I want to ask him questions. I want to rant and rave because I am pissed off with all the group work we do. I want him to hold me and kiss me and tell me he is so proud of me. I want him to say, “I love you.”

I have never been afraid to try something new or learn something new. I just miss sharing my life with the man I love. I wasn’t ready to share all that on the blog until now.

And what could you possibly learn from my story here that could apply to your own relationship? A life filled with love is about sharing the good times and the bad. It is about changes and new beginnings. It is about love, laughter, tears and regrets. But it is a life shared that grows that love with that one person that is THE MOST important to you in your life. Or should be!

Passionate regards….Brenda

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