14th October

Love Helps Ease Pain

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I just read a fascinating article that stated Love Helps Ease Pain. How cool is that! Professor Arthur Aron of the State University of New York at Stony Brook, who studies the neurology of love,  has linked that euphoric phase of a fresh romance to brain regions rich in the chemical dopamine.

What is dopamine and how does it work in the body? Think about the little lift you get when you eat chocolate. That is what dopamine does for you. It comes from the reward pathway in your brain, that feel-good place when you do certain activities or actions. It is the same place in your brain that addictive drugs go to, like cocaine for example, to produce those feel good feelings.

“When people are in love, in many ways it’s not dissimilar to what they get when they take amphetamines or stimulants: They’re very excited, have loss of appetite, sleep loss, they’re active, full of energy,” noted Dr. Nora Volkow, director of the National Institute on Drug Abuse and a dopamine expert.

In Aron’s study, they used different ways to creat a moderate pain in their test subjects and found that if they were looking at a photo of their beloved while the pain stimulus was applied, there was less pain.

This is powerful stuff! So many sages of the ages have advocated that all we need is love. Maybe that is turning out to be truer than we know.

Think about the healing power of a mother’s kiss. When a small child bumps themself and runs crying to Mommy, all she has to do is apply a little tender loving care, a kiss on the boo-boo and perhaps a band-aid. The healing has begun!

I know there have been times when I have hurt myself like cut my finger really deep or knocked my head hard on a shelf. Then the tears started and all I wanted was to see Ole. This was before he died too but I still do that now. I just wanted to see him and feel his arms around me telling me I am okay. Giving me that healing dose of love.

I know I have been in situations with another person and they are hurt. Pain from a physical injury or a severe injury to their heart. I would sit with them and think, “Ole should be here. He would be good to help here.” And by just thinking about my sweetheart, I could keep myself calmer and more collected.

I get easily wrapped up in other people’s pain. At least I used to. I have learned to distance myself because I am no good to them if I sit here crying for them. But I think it is funny that even though it wasn’t MY pain, I was still looking to Ole to help ease the situation.

Love is VERY powerful. More so than we mere mortals will EVER know. Funny but I just thought of that movie Monsters Inc. The monsters were harnessing the power of the fear driven screams for the electricity in their world. But then they found out that the giggles, laughter and love produced a much more POWERFUL energy.

Try this little experiment this week. When someone upsets you or makes you angry(hence pain), why not think about someone you love instead of letting your words spill uncontrolled out of your mouth without your head engaged. Kick start your heart first by feeling the love this special someone gives you. Then, to the person that has just upset you, send a stream of love from your heart to them. See if that doesn’t help to calm the situation down some.

We will never fully understand the power of love but we can sure use it to help us, our neighbors and the world.

The last thing that was mentioned in this article was that in this study, they also found out that when the new love phase turns into commitment, this response comes from a different place in your brain. Aron said that by trying something new and exciting with your longterm partner will stimulate that passion again, “a good idea whether you’re in pain or not.”

Here’s to Passionate Loving!

Passionate regards….Brenda

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