22nd October

Just For Fun…

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I thought I would throw something your way Just For Fun this week.

I was looking at the world-wide web and came across two interesting little articles. The premise of the articles was that by puckering up and kissing a piece of paper with freshly applied lipsticked lips, you can read more into your personality. I was curious to say the least. I love to learn more about myself and even more so have a little fun doing this.

So I ran to my bathroom and took my darkest (so I could see it clearly on the paper) lipstick. I carefully applied it to my lush, full lips. Raced back to my office, puckered up and kissed a piece of white A4 paper. Now they recommend that you smooch with stock paper, something with a little stiffness to it but I didn’t have any. Printer paper would have to do.

I proceeded to search the imprints in the article to learn more about me. I had both a full upper and lower lip plus dark saturation. What does this mean? First I must tell you that I think the test was pretty accurate for me. So let me share what my findings produced.

Full Upper Lip:

  • wonderful listener
  • shoulder to cry on
  • good at helping people solve their problems

Full Lower Lip:

  • children and pets adore this person
  • could be a writer, speaker or entertainer of some kind

Dark Saturation:

  • cheerleader
  • lots of energy (other people are aware of it too)
  • once they decide what they want, no reason they won’t succeed
  • excellent leadership qualities
  • good at getting others to buy into their ideas
  • usually own their own business or at least have others working for them

Yeah I can see myself in some of these and I know what I want and have things to work on to get there. Do I want people to ‘buy’ into my ideas? I don’t think I would put it that way. I would like people to see the value in what I have to say and adopt the ideas into their own life.

Do I have excellent leadership qualities? I would say not at this point because I get frustrated when I ask someone to do something for me and it is not done the way I want it. I can feel my heart pump a little faster and the flush come to my cheeks. Then think I should just do it myself. So this, which I knew before hand, is a quality I have to work on.

There was also a link for the men. But being that I don’t have Ole here with me I had to turn to his brother, Gert. I asked him, for science sake, if he would try this test and let me know how accurate it was for a man. The results were not so good.

First, Gert WOULD NOT have lipstick put on him so he opted to use Nutella. I can’t keep a straight face just writing this. I would have loved to have been in their kitchen for this. But Nutella was not the best choice for accuracy. It smudged a little bit too much to be able to define good results.

But I did receive a nice email after thanking me for encouraging him to be embarrassed in front of his girlfriend. LOL! But I give him credit for at least entertaining the idea. Thanks Gert.

Ole would have done it I am sure. He was not above having a little fun with silly stuff. Even as much as he hated lipstick (he hated kissing me when I had lipstick on, lol), I think he would have given it a shot. Maybe it was that part of me that helps people to ‘buy into my ideas’?

When we had our salon in Okotoks, Alberta, we brought in a new product that would stain your hair wild and funky colors. This was many years ago when this was a new and exciting phenomenon. Ole said he would put a piece of purple into his hair for fun. So there was this 6’7″ man with a beautiful red beard, golden hair and a flash of purple above his forehead. He said he wouldn’t have it forever but it was just for fun. He had that fash of color till his next haircut a month later.

What about you and your lover? When was the last time you did something just to be silly, laugh with wild abandonment and feel good? Having fun with each other is so important to build the intimacy between you. Being able to laugh at the silliness of the moment not in judgement or in ridicule but just in enjoying sharing a fun silly moment together that lets both of your defenses down and shows a little vulnerability.

Ole and I shared MANY of these moments. Neither of us was afraid to show that vulnerable part to the other. And I can see neither was his brother afraid.

Love, Laugh, Live…..need I say more?

Passionate results….Brenda

Here are the links for the tests. I would LOVE to hear your results. Email me at info@passionateresultsforlovers.com or come back and leave a comment here. Enjoy!

For the Ladies  http://theurl.be/?i=22 

For the Men  http://theurl.be/?i=23

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