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Welcome Lovers!

Thanks for coming. I am sure you are wondering what this is about. I will give you a quick history. You might want a cuppa coffee for this;-)

I was working for a big game outfitter in Yukon, Canada. I had heard so much about the Danish guy that was out in the bush and how TALL he was. I wanted to see this guy for myself and got the chance to meet him when he came in just before the last hunt.

He was TALL…6’7” and handsome. He had a beautiful red beard, the nicest smile and was a little shy. He didn’t say too much but was very polite and sweet. At the time I didn’t think much about all this but was glad I could meet this guy I had heard about from the hunters when they came back to town.

I will not get into the details but needless to say, Ole stole my heart. He was as beautiful on the inside as he was out. He had a magnificent mind and an insightful way to look at life and experiences. We talked for hours as well as other things. I called him my Danish Delight!

We had a very brief romance of 3 weeks and then he went home to Denmark. The day he was leaving we were both emotional. He kept trying to tell me something and then would stop. I said, “There are many ways to love a person and yes, I love you too.”.  He hugged me so close. In such a short time we had made a very strong heartfelt connection.

Over the next few months we talked everyday. Sometimes twice a day and not just for a few minutes. We would talk for an hour or more. There was no such thing as cheap phone service in the Yukon at that time or in Denmark and we both spent a pile of money. But it was the most wonderful time and we were really able to get to know each other. You think dating in person is expensive…

I went to Denmark just after Christmas 1997 and brought in the new year with Ole and his closest friends. I spent 3 weeks driving around Denmark experiencing Danish culture and hospitality with Ole, getting to know his family and friends a bit.

The time passed and I came back to Canada not knowing if I would ever see Ole again or ever hear from him because he had plans to go to Poland and work in the hunting industry.

I was home 4 days and he had called me 5 times. I was on cloud 9½ I tell ya!

Then he called in February and said I should come over and live with him. He said he loved me and we needed to be together. I sold my car, my furniture and packed the rest.

We were married May 25, 1998 in Gudme, Denmark by the Mayor. Second best day of my life. The first was the day he told me he loved me and wanted to be with me. And by second I mean it was the second time not number 2 on my list.

We went back to Canada and lived in various provinces for 8 years. Then we thought it might be a good time to go back to Denmark and live there for a bit. So in May, 2005, we packed everything and flew our 2 dogs and 2 cats and all our stuff to our new home in Langaa.

A quaint little old house with great potential. We weren’t here a month and Ole started to feel sick. He was a big man and it got to be extremely difficult for him to breath when he walked even short distances. In June, he went to the doctor and they took off 1.8 liters of fluid from around his heart.

Yes it helped but we didn’t have any answers about what this was or why did it happen. In October they did a biopsy on his lungs and the thing they could see on his heart. He had cancer.

It wasn’t long after they did the biopsy that the cancer spread all over his lungs. Then January 15th, 2006, my beautiful TALL, strong, amazing man died with all his friends and family around him in Svendborg Hospital, Denmark.

I died that day also. The person that used to be me was no more. I was forever changed.

Now I was in a country that I didn’t know the language, culture, customs, social structure, anything.  But I was so crushed and crippled with grief that I could not fathom packing all our stuff and the animals and moving back to who-knows-where in Canada.

All I thought about was death and all I wanted, was to be with Ole. But over time, I made some great friends in Denmark and with the help of Ole’s family I have gotten over those thoughts.

People would try to comfort me by saying that time will heal all wounds and things will get better. It isn’t better but it is different. Better would be Ole is here with me.

So I continued on and woke up one day with the thought that I needed to help others to have the love Ole and I shared. We had wrote a book for couples that we self-published in Canada and I thought it was time to put this on the Internet so anyone that is looking for help or advice to build a wonderful and loving relationship would have access to this information.

So that brings us to here, today, now!

I want to share the love. I want to continue Ole’s dream, OUR dream, to bring more love into 1 million homes and beyond. It was his final request to me that I continue with our book. But I just didn’t have the strength before now.

COMING SOON is our web page. You will see what people said about our relationship. All true statements! You will have access to some of the most fabulous ideas and insights about how to have THE most incredible love of your life.

Let me know what you think, have questions about or whatever is on your mind. I will look forward to hearing from you.

Passionate Regards

Brenda Lee Poulsen

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