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26th June

The Power of Words

I am going to start this post with a short video. You may have even seen it before but it shows how powerful your words are and how important it is to formulate what you want to say in the best way possible. It is less than 2 minutes and VERY powerful!

Are you wondering what that has to do with me and Ole? Everything!

We talked to each other a lot. We would ALWAYS end our day with a good talk in bed. We would connect each night this way on what happened and how we were feeling about what was going on in our lives.

Was this important? YOU BET! There are far too many couples that lose touch with each other because they don’t talk. They let the kids, their jobs, the families, their hobbies, their friends, and all the other things life consists of get in the way of being CONNECTED and TOGETHER. 

Just because 2 people live together does not mean they are communicating on a regular basis. Oh sure they do the “How was your day? What did you do? Did you pick up the milk? Will you get the kids today?” And so it goes. 

But they never get into the meat and potatoes of their relationship and find out what is happening in their hearts, minds and souls. This is where relationships are built and this is where a relationship grows stronger.

Think back to this little video you just watched. What did you FEEL when you watched it? Take a minute and do this. You might find out you haven’t been checking in with yourself either. So take a minute and think about what you felt as you watched this video.

I have watched this video several times and I get teary each time. The Power of Words….amazing isn’t it!

Maybe the reason why it touches me so deeply is because I know my words were not always so kind. I know I have hurt people deeply with things I have said in the heat of a moment. And once those words are expressed, there is no going back. You can apologize as many times as you want but the words still hang in the air. Even if the person you said them to forgives and forgets, you never do.

What I am suggesting is just be aware of how you talk to each other and other people in general. Notice the tone of your voice and the words you use. You can still ask your sweetheart, “How are you?”. But the way you ask will give it a whole new meaning showing them that you are truly interested in what their answer will be.

Choose your words wisely. They are the building blocks to a romantic, wonderful life with your partner that you never dreamed possible. Make sure the words you use come from your heart and not that place where you think “This is what they want to hear.”…because that place is empty. Those words hold no weight and can be blown away along with your sincerity and the trust of your partner.

The Power of Words! Words can destroy quicker than the blink of an eye. But just by taking a second to think before you speak, your words can also build a beautiful, loving amazing experience.

Passionate regards….Brenda

17th June

My Powerful AHA Moment

I have been trying to figure out what to write about this week. I had a big AHA moment yesterday. Then, when I was watching So You Think You Can Dance today, that AHA moment was re-enforced with a power that is as strong as love.

First the AHA moment. I was having a chat with myself while I folded laundry. Just general life stuff, nothing really important. Then…BAM! This came out of the blue and I was awe struck. Not only from the weight that this AHA carries but also from my own cleverness 😉

“Life doesn’t come to you…you come to LIFE!”

I thought, “OMG…that is SO true!” There are so many people waiting for their life to begin whether that includes finding the perfect partner, job, haircut or whatever it is. But they don’t realize that for their life to begin, they have to come to life. I was/am still so intrigued and excited by this thought.

So how does SYTYCD fit into this? Watching the way those dancers fill up that stage and dance with such grace, showmanship and talent awes me. Then to stand before the judges not knowing for sure what they will say. Their smiles are so big and excited and hopeful for their future….that is when it hit me square in my heart.

After 5½ years of being without my amazing wonderful husband, I am still waiting for my life to begin. The tears poured down my face. The ache and longing for Ole tearing apart my heart. Then understanding the real purpose of my AHA moment.

I have to come to LIFE!

Ole and I had such a full life. We did most everything together. We laughed, we loved, we cried, we argued, we made up. But our life was never humdrum or dull. We came to life so easily with each other. We didn’t wait for life to come to us. There was always a project we were working on. There was always something we were striving for. There was always something to do.

And there was always love.

The thing I find most amazing about this AHA moment is once I understood what this really meant to me, I could feel how empty I still am inside. I though I was filling up and building my new life with going to school, new friends, new ideas, etc. But I have not COME to life yet.

I don’t know what it will take to feel like I am full of life again like I did with Ole, but I think I took a huge step in the right direction from my AHA moment.

Just take a couple minutes and think about your own life. Do you feel filled with LIFE? Are you COMING to LIFE or are you waiting for life to come to you?

I hope you can feel the POWER of this AHA moment as much as I have because this is a doozy. At least for me.

Passionate regards….Brenda

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