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31st May

Romantic Getaways – Part 3

When you think about planning a Romantic Getaway, what do think about? Soft music, candle light, fireplace, exotic retreats?

That is the standards I guess for Romantic Getaways, but have you ever thought about Monster Trucks, skydiving, drive-in movie? Most people don’t think about these as Romantic Getaways but they can make the candle light and soft music seem lame in comparison.

Like I have said before, you wouldn’t take a person that hates fishing on a fishing trip. But sometimes, we design these enchanting moments to reflect OUR desires and that which could be pleasing, enjoyable and sexy to our partner.

But have you ever thought about what your partner finds REALLY EXCITING? Maybe your man has always wanted to go up in a hot air balloon but never has for various reasons. How thrilled would he be if you bought him a trip and said you would pick him up at the other end. Greet him with a picnic basket and a blanket where you can lounge and hear all about his experience. How HOT would he think you are? SMOKIN’!

Maybe that wonderful lady in your life has always wanted someone to come in and organise her kitchen or learn to play a guitar. But she has never pursued it for whatever reasons. Would you be the best boy on the block if you made this little dream come true? ABSOLUTELY! You would be smothered with kisses.

Think about when you have done something really exciting. You were filled with life and energy. You felt great and invincible. And you couldn’t wait to get home to your lover and tell him all about this moment you just had. You just wanted to hug and kiss him because you were filled with this amazing feeling and wanted to share it.

We are so conditioned to think of romance as soft and intimate and that it involves sitting across from each other holding hands while you talk in hushed tones and look longingly into each other’s eyes. 

But it is SO much more.

Unselfish acts of kindness are extremely romantic.

Think about how romantic it is when a person goes to a homeless shelter and helps in the kitchen. Think about how romantic it is when a person goes to a convalescent home and talks with the people that live there just to brighten their day. Think about how romantic it is when you lover offers to babysit for a friend so they can go out for a romantic dinner alone.

These are ALL Romantic Getaways. Not in the traditional sense but there is a romantic energy that flows through them. And you would look at your lover in a more romantic and loving way when you hear what they did. When you see them talking with people that just need a friend.

When Ole was in the hospital and should start his chemo, I was so beside myself. There was no way I could have went home and left him there. I slept in a chair beside his bed and held his hand or had my foot resting against his leg. I needed to know he was there and that I was there for him if he needed anything.

When he woke up the next day after that first night of chemo, he looked at me and asked if I had been there all night. I said of course I had. He smiled the softest smile and said, “How romantic.”  There were no candles or soft music but there was so much romance and love in that room it could have filled a million restaurants in Paris.

In fact, I didn’t go home until Ole did. The hospital brought a bed into his room and let me stay with him the whole week. Was this a Romantic Getaway that we would have dreamed of having with each other? I think not. But there was a thread of romance through it in a tragic and sad way. That week was extremely intimate and so much love flowed between us on deeper levels.

Now I am not saying to give up the candle light dinners for a soup kitchen. But once in a while it would bring more adventure, more spice, more dimension into your relationship.

We get caught in conditioned thinking not just in our relationships but our lives. We get caught in someone else’s thoughts and ideas what something should or shouldn’t look like, feel like, be like.

Put on your romantic thinking caps and see if you can’t explore the idea of Romantic Getaways from a totally new perspective. The connection you and your lover will experience will be deeper, more joyful and more loving.

Passionate regards….Brenda

26th May

Lonely in Love

How many of you have ever felt lonely and yet you were in a relationship? I know I have felt that. It was desperate times I tell ya. I think there are more people than will admit that they have felt lonely in love.

I just watched a fascinating interview that Brian Vaszily had with Dr. John Cacioppo who is the Director of the Center for Cognitive and Social Neuroscience at The University of Chicago. Loneliness is crippling our lives, physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Dr. Cacioppo talked about how our physical body reacts to feeling lonely, how our social contacts react to our loneliness and what the symptoms and causes of being lonely are. It was an eye opener!

I saw myself in his descriptions. I saw family members in his words. Loneliness is a ‘silent killer’  as Brian put it. It can physically effect you and it can kill your relationship too.

When I was living with this old fart, the longer the relationship went on, the more lonely I became. I withdrew from my friends and social circles. I tried so hard to be connected to this man. But for whatever reason, there was just more space put between us with each day that passed. 

I can remember many times after we would have sex that I would turn over and cry into my pillow. I can’t say we made love because there was no love there. It was a very controlling and mentally abusive relationship. After sex I felt even more empty and lonely that I did before.

But I learned today from watching this interview what happened inside me. I learned more about what I was actually experiencing and why I felt like I did.

In that relationship, I did not feel secure in the fact that I could share my feelings with this man. I could not share my fears, beliefs or goals with him because he would have made fun of me, wouldn’t listen or become angry and abusive. There was no connection on any level so I guess I really have to count myself lucky I saw this early on and left.

That was NOT the case with Ole. We talked about EVERYTHING. There was nothing we would not have said to each other. He knew my deepest fears and desires and I knew his. The quality of our connection is what made our relationship so amazing.

Ole had such a gentle way about him. He got me to open parts of myself that I had never opened before with ANYONE. Ole got me to open my heart fully like I had never done before. I felt safe with Ole. I felt secure with Ole. I FELT LOVE WITH OLE.

After Ole died, there were many people that offered to come over to watch TV with me or just sit with me so I was not lonely. The odd thing was, I wasn’t lonely. BUT I was lonely for Ole.

I was lonely for the connection we had. I was lonely for the feeling I got being with him. I was lonely for his touch, his smell, his voice.

That  sounds kind of contradictory but it’s not. I have never been a lonely type person EVER in my life. I have always been very comfortable in my skin and with who I am. I think that is why being lonely in that past relationship was so hard. I didn’t understand this feeling of being lonely let alone in a relationship.

Then, when I met Ole, I absolutely felt complete. I felt like the bit of me that wasn’t there before, that bit I never knew was missing, had been found. I LOVED to be with Ole. I LOVED talking with him about the deeper questions in life as well as the frivolous daily banter. There was nothing off limits with Ole. 

So when Ole died, a part of ME died also. And I was lonely for that part. I still am but I am learning to live and cope with each new day as every day is the same, but yet, still different.

Being lonely in love is the worst feeling. I really don’t have any set answer for this problem only that you know what feels good for you and you should focus and act on that feeling.

I just knew, that if I stayed in that past relationship I would have physically died. My loneliness was killing me. I could feel that in my heart.

I would recommend this interview to everyone. Not only for yourself but for those around you that may need some help to feel that quality, personal connection to help erase their loneliness.

Here is the link

Passionate regards….Brenda

24th May

Does Love Like Speed?

I was listening to a Joe Vitale program today and he said “Money likes speed.” Meaning that the quicker you act on your ideas, the more money you will generate.

But I got to thinking, does love like speed? I don’t know why I thought that but figured I will quickly act on my idea as Joe says.

Does Love like speed? I am a firm believer in love at first sight. I absolutely believe that there are couples from the very moment they met, they knew they were going to be together forever.

I know couples that went out for a VERY short period of time and decided to get married. My Mom and Dad for instance. They knew each other for only 6 weeks when Dad proposed to Mom. She said yes and he went off to the Navy in WW2. They got married a year later.

But I have also known couples that rushed into the whole-meal-deal and were divorced just as quick. So I guess I could ask myself, does divorce like speed. From what I have heard, the quicker the better.

I think Love is LIKE speed more than saying DOES it like speed. When you first fall in love the world is wonderful. There is nothing wrong and everything is right in your universe. The trees are greener. The birds sing louder. The colors are brighter. All is right in the world.

It really is like you are on a natural high. I am by far no scientist but I am sure there have been studies testing the chemical releases and all that happens in your mind and body when a person is new in love.

That first time when Ole told me “I love you”…WOW! Nothing else mattered in my world. The building could have collapsed around me and I would have just been happy to be there. Life was glorious. Fantastic! SUPER DELICIOUS!

Did we have a speedy courtship? I guess by some people’s standards we did. But looking back at our life we didn’t sit on the fence too long with anything. If we wanted to do, create, try or learn something, we just went out and did it.

But I remember the day we decided to get married. We were sitting on a tree at the beach and talking about what to do next in our lives. Should we stay in Denmark? Should we go back to Canada? And we also had to consider immigration laws? We decided, marriage. We knew we wanted to be together so that would be best.

That was a Wednesday.

We talked about when we should do this and thought Friday was a good day. Yes! Two days. We could call the mayor and see if we could set it up. Sounded good to us.

We went back to Ole’s parents to tell them. I could not even go in with Ole as I am a bit of a chicken at times. I didn’t understand Danish AT ALL then and could only read the body language. I didn’t want to read anything that wasn’t there so I opted to clean the car while Ole talked with his parents.

When Ole came out he was smiling the biggest smile. He said he talked to them and told them our plans. They thought maybe we were rushing things but Ole said no, this is what we want. They wanted to get the church booked and plan a wedding. Ole said no, we want to get married in 2 days by the mayor. I don’t think Ole’s parents knew what hit them when I came into Ole’s life!

We couldn’t get married on Friday because the mayor was busy so we had to wait until Monday, 11am. Perfect!

We told Ole’s family and his friends suspected we might be talking about getting married but we never really said anything to them until the day before. Ole’s mom and dad were there for the ceremony. It was wonderful!

When we went back to the farm, we were going to go back to work that afternoon. Ole’s parents had a tree farm and we worked with them. They said we couldn’t get married and go back to work. We should take the day and make it special.

We had lunch with the other workers and then went to see Egeskov Castle. When we came home later we went out for an amazing dinner with Ole’s family.

There was no one from my family there as it was a quick wedding and they were all in Canada. But that was okay too. I wore my Dad’s officer jacket from the Navy. So I knew he was there in spirit. And of course the family sent wonderful emails and phone calls wishing us well.

That was 12 years ago. Tomorrow would have been our wedding anniversary. I am missing my handsome husband more than I can say. If we didn’t use speed to our advantage in our short time together, maybe it would have even been shorter yet.

Does love like speed? It goes both ways. It is different for each individual and couple. But I KNOW for certain that life can speed by before you know it and it is over.

“There is only one happiness in life, to love and be loved.” – George Sand

Here’s to SPEED!

Passionate regards….Brenda

21st May

Challenge Yourself

When was the last time you challenged yourself? Maybe it was to accomplish a goal by a certain date or to achieve something great in sports. Maybe you wanted to learn something new and challenged yourself to do it?

Let me ask you this, when was the last time you challenged yourself to DO better, BE better in your relationship?

We focus so much on our outer world; our jobs, sports, hobbies, school, families. Sometimes our intimate relationships get pushed to the bottom of the list. We forget that our relationship with our wonderful other is one of our greatest challenges and achievements.

Ole and I were on a constant quest to learn more about how to have a great marriage. No we didn’t have kids to take care of but that doesn’t mean we had a lot of free time. But we still found the time to explore and learn to bring MORE into our marriage.

We challenged ourselves to be the best we could be in our marriage. And this meant learning about each other and relationships. We were very proud of the fact that people ALWAYS commented on what a loving relationship we had. But we also put a lot of work into our relationship too.

There are so many couples that don’t make it. I just wonder if they would have challenged themselves to BE more, DO more with each other, would they still decide to split up?

I believe that we focus on so much outside ourselves that we forget to focus on what is most important and just hope it will run on autopilot. We set financial, physical,  job related challenges and goals and we leave the most important part of our life, our relationship, to flow as best it can with little or no guidance.

How often do you hear anyone talking about they are setting a goal to learn 6 new sexual positions over the next 2 weeks? Or they have a goal to plan THE MOST romantic evening their partner could EVER imagine? Or they will learn 4 new places on their lovers body they like to be kissed, stroked, rubbed, or bit?

Not very often.

As we grow up we are not taught how to have a relationship. With the amount of divorces and single parents, it is difficult for kids to learn how to have a loving, long-term relationship because kids learn these things by example.

Again, I am not judging, just stating facts. I don’t know what has happened in people’s lives to bring them to the place that they are. We all make our own decisions and mistakes. I am not placing blame on anyone.

I am just suggesting that if couples would challenge them self or each other to learn more about love, making love and living in love, maybe we would have less divorces and single parents.

I was fortunate enough to grow up in a house with both my parents. But that does not mean I learned how to have a great relationship with Ole. I am sure my parents loved each other but they didn’t hug and kiss in front of us. Well, Christmas morning, birthdays, that kind of thing they would give each other a little squeeze and kiss.

But my Mom has a temper and I learned how to yell. I learned that is how you argue with your husband (but it’s not the best way for sure). I don’t remember how often Mom would yell at Dad but I guess it was often enough. And then she wouldn’t talk to him after.

In high school, I watched how the kids dated. When I worked in the bars, I watched how people, lovers, treated each other. I wasn’t impressed so I never dated. But that doesn’t mean I never had ‘relationships’ with men. I just didn’t want anything long-term because I didn’t like what I had seen in my family’s relationships or most people around me.

I was fascinated with relationships and sex long before I met Ole and read more books than I can count. It was exciting to try new things. It was interesting to learn about the dynamics of a relationship. And when Ole and I got married, I was even more interested to learn, as was he.

Decide today that you will challenge yourself to learn something exciting, new, interesting, adventurous to bring more joy and love into your relationship. Challenge yourself to be all that you can be in your love affair and then push yourself that little bit extra.

If we put as much effort into our relationships as we do our sports, hobbies or watching TV, we all would have relationships that would grow and flourish into the romance of the century.

Be Bold! Be Brave! Be Adventurous! Challenge yourself to BE MORE in your relationship. The results are worth it.

Passioante regards….Brenda

17th May

Sex…Good? Bad? or Otherwise?

I was listening to Bob Proctor and his Six Minutes to Success program. He was talking about sex(the noun).  He said we have a lot of misunderstanding about sex. I have to agree with him. Where do you stand? Is it good, bad or otherwise?

There is so much tabu about sex and talking openly about it. Yet we can talk easily about the war, bloody accidents, fights, angry situations and the graphic scenes we see in movies of murder, rape, child abuse etc.

 But if you start talking about sex, people get all twittery and shy. Or else they just shut you down or shut you out. WHY?

I believe there is sex(the verb) and there is making love. And there is a definite difference. Sex is the one-night-stands. Sex is the 10 minute quickies. Sex is about just seeking that adreneline rush you get from having intercourse and the orgasmic release you feel in your body. Sex is a lot about looking out for your own gratification.

But making love is something totally different. When you make love you engage ALL your senses. You feel every caress to the Nth degree. Each kiss is savoured like a delicious dessert. The dance of 2 loving people in the horizontal position is as beautiful as a ballet.

And as your own mind and body are whirling in this amazing feeling dance, you are very aware of your partner and what they feel as well. You are focused as much on their body and that they should experience incredible titillating sensations as you are on your own self.

Sensual. Sexual. Exciting. Building to a crescendo with each touch, with each kiss, with each thrust. You engauge ALL of your senses. Your smell is heightened. Your skin tingles. Your body pulses. It’s the most amazing thing to make love with someone you are in love with.

I remember asking a girlfriend one time what it was like to make love to man you are in love with. She said she could not describe how wonderful it felt. But she said that once you do, you will know the difference. She was absolutely right!

When I would make love to Ole, I knew exactly what she was talking about. The feelings, the sensations, EVERYTHING was different. I had never made love before. I had only had sex. I knew that then.

So back to Bob Proctor…he said that when two people are in rapport with their ideas and emotions, they have a great physical relationship. I absolutely agree with him!

We think foreplay is just the part that gets your mind and body in the mood for intercourse. But it is more than that. We engage in foreplay almost all of the time.

Every time you run your hand across your lover’s shoulders, every time you talk about your hopes, dreams, ideas and fears, you are engaging in foreplay. Bob Proctor calls it rapport.

Now think about this. If the person you are in an intimate and sexual relationship with was not someone you liked to talk to, share your thoughts, hopes and fears with, or have anything in common, do you think that your sex life would be so great? NO!

Our minds and emotions must be involved in the sexual experience to make it a mind blowing event.

Try it! The next time you are going to make love to your sweetheart, don’t think about anything. NOTHING!

You cannot think about where their hands are touching you. You cannot see the colors as you close your eyes and allow your soul to be swept away in a river of sensuality and excitement. You cannot let your heart explode with love when they drive your body to the brink of release.  You can only focus on your body and the release you are seeking.

Can you do that? I doubt it.

BUT! If you were just having sex with someone, you could do that. You could just get lost inside your own physical senses and have your fun.

And the reason you can do this when you are having that one-night-stand is because there is no rapport. There is no connection of the mind the same way you have when you get to know another person and the way you feel when you give your heart to your partner and share with them your life.

Ole and I had quickies. They were great in that moment. But I loved MAKING LOVE with Ole. We took our time and prolonged the experience. We savoured each moment. We would never have been able to connect on the deep levels we did without being in rapport, without getting to KNOW each other.

Get in rapport, get in tune, get in harmony with your lover. You will never have to think about if sex is good, bad or otherwise. And you will feel the difference when you make love.

Passionate regards….Brenda

10th May

Feeling the Pain

When Ole died, I had a lot of people tell me I should write down my thoughts and feelings. It would help ease feeling the pain. How could I write the physical pain in my heart away?

To say the least, I didn’t do it. I could barely take care of our 2 dogs and cat. There were days the pain would be so great that it took me forever to go for a 10 minute walk with our dogs. No kidding! The action of putting one foot in front of the other was a huge effort.

But the pain, physical pain that I had in my chest was always there and nothing took it way. I took over the counter pain meds…no change. My doctor had x-rays taken. They showed nothing but the pain persisted. She suggested exercise. Like I said, walking was a chore.

She suggest antidepressants. I don’t know if they would have helped but I could not begin to think about going through this pain again after I went off them. I felt the best treatment for me was to face my feelings and move through them.

The reason I am bringing this up is because I just read an article on the pain people go through when a relationship ends. This article stated that this ‘real and physical’ pain that I felt was actually produced from my head. I guess on one level I knew that but I was hoping for a medical reason that I was hurting so much.

I never really thought about it before but when Ole and I would have an argument and if it wasn’t resolved before we went to bed, what a crappy sleep we both had. Tossing and turning and feeling sad and bad. I can’t say I noticed the pain so much in my chest, only that my heart, head and body hurt.

To understand what I mean, think about the last time you argued with someone you loved. How crappy was the rest of your day? How well did you sleep? How many times did you replay the argument in your mind? Did you eat well, if you did eat, or picked at this, that and other unhealthy food? Or did you eat and eat until your gut was screaming “NO MORE”? How many times were you sitting on the toilet and letting it all out? Or perhaps you held it in and had cramps or headaches.

Our minds have so much effect over how our bodies feel. Amazing to think that our minds can make us believe we have an actual physical pain in our heart when it is broken. But its true.

We all handle upset in our lives differently. Each one of us has to find the way that feels best to get through the difficult times. And that is not always easy to do because when you are going through a rough patch with a friend, family member or lover, you aren’t thinking about what is happening in your body. You focus on what has triggered this crappy feeling.

But I tell ya, when Ole and I did resolve the problem, we both felt SO much better and got back into the flow with our minds, bodies and each other.

I had to feel the pain from Ole’s death to move through it. I know I have learned a lot from this experience. The biggest thing that I learned was that there is nothing worth fighting over. It really is all small stuff.

Feeling the pain after an argument is so useless and harmful. Move through the pain and feel the love flow. Keep the lines of communication wide open. Then you will find the win-win solution and the painful times will be few and far between.

Passionate regards….Brenda

PS – In the article I read they suggested many things to help ease the pain. And a lot of medical and scientific studies to back up their findings. You can check it out for yourself.

Another great article about heart attack symptoms in relation to a broken heart

8th May

Space (amended)

Space…I am not talking about the final frontier that Captain Kirk was talking about. I want to talk about giving each other space in your relationship.

When you are new-in-love all you want to do is BE with that wonderful other person. You want to spend every moment with them; talking, touching, exploring, learning. But after a while we all need some space.

When Ole and I were married, I was 35 years old and had been living my life on my terms. I had no one to answer to or ask anything of. I did what I did when I wanted and that was that.

After we were married, we spent a LOT of time together. I loved it. I LOVED being with Ole. But the adjustment was hard on me in the fact that I had no space just for me. I mean time where I could go downtown and look around. Time I could spend looking at books in the book store. Time getting a pedicure or facial or whatever else I used to do on my own.

I just wanted a couple hours a week to be me and do the things I wanted to do without having to think about someone else and what they wanted to do. Does this make sense to you?

When I would tell Ole that I wanted this space to just recharge my batteries, he took it personal and would get very sad because he thought I didn’t want to be with him. That I really wanted to be alone. Which was not true.

It didn’t help that our first year of marriage was tough. Ole was in a new country and me being his only contact in that newness. And here I am telling him I want space. As well we were learning to live together and how we both fit into the other’s ideas of life, love and marriage.

During our exploration in our first year of finding a better way to live and grow our love, I found the space I was looking for. I could take an hour and go into the city and shop for clothes. Ole was never thrilled to do that anyway so it worked for both of us.

More times than not, I came home without any bags and purchases. He would be surprised because he thought my mission was to buy clothes. Not really. My mission was to recharge my batteries and make a little space for myself.

And more times than not, if I did buy something it was for him. I wanted to show him I appreciated the space in our relationship. Maybe that is not exactly what I said but that is what I meant when I gave him his ‘staying home’ gift.

There were times when Ole and I would go to the bookstore together and I still found my own space. He looked at what he was interested in and I did my thing. We were together at the store but giving each other the space we needed to regroup, recharge and explore on our own.

When you find that space to explore on your own, you come back to your partner and your relationship with something new. You have a new topic to discuss or explore together.

By enjoying, exploring and searching life on your own time and terms, you help your partner, yourself and the relationship grow to new heights and levels. When you stay stagnant and never discuss new topics, things get old pretty fast which can take a relationship down a really dark alley.

Space is very important in a relationship. If you are in constant contact and in each other’s space 24/7, one or both of you can begin to feel smothered, mothered, policed, controlled. Now that is getting into the negative emotions but it is possible.

Some people are afraid to give their partner space because it may give them the opportunity to find someone better. It may give them the opportunity to develop them self beyond the relationship. It may give them the opportunity to think their own thoughts and perhaps leave the relationship.

There is that old saying about setting something free and if it comes back its yours, if it doesn’t it never was. In some ways I think that is true in couples also. Being in a realtionship does not put you or your partner in a cage.

I have never been a believer in the old adage that absence makes the heart grow fonder. It can work the other way around and make the heart forget. But a little space between can be so sweet.

Give your partner and yourself the gift of space. Allow each other the space to recharge to be a better half of the couple.

Space…is it really the final frontier? No, just another piece of the puzzle.

Passionate regards….Brenda

6th May

Romantic Getaways – Part 2

Romantic Getaways! They are rejuvenating to our senses. They add spice to our love making. They put a little intrigue into our daily humdrum. Romantic Getaways are fabulous! What more needs to be said? Lots!

There is no right or wrong place to go for a romantic rendezvous. The most important ingredients are to have an open mind and heart to allow the fantasy to carry us away. Expect nothing more and nothing less.

Romantic Getaways – Part 1  showed how an intended romantic trip that went a little haywire still produced the desired results for both of us because we were both open to whatever happened. Neither of us had any expectations, just love in our hearts.

My post Give Them What They Want showed how good intentions can go extremely wrong. Just because I thought it would be a wonderful evening getaway for love and romance, it was definitely not his. I satisfied my desires and ideals when I should have thought more about what would have turned him on.

You have to think about who your partner is, what they like, what experiences have they had in the past.

You would never take a city girl out camping in a tent in the woods with bears if she is not that kind of person. At least not the first time, unless of course she has expressed some interest in sleeping in a tent. The better you know each other, the more you can expand your romantic horizons.

Romantic  Getaways are fun to plan and fun to experience. When you are planning with your lover in mind, their ideals and dreams and what excites them, you can’t go wrong. THEY are the focus. The desired result is love, romance and a wonderful experience. There is nothing better.

Some years ago, I had set up a weekend away at a nice resort in a town a couple hours from our house. I told Ole we had to go see the publishers because they had called and there was a problem with something. I was very vague and acted a little scattered.

I said I would drive cause he had been working all day and could just relax. He had a million questions and I just kept telling him I wasn’t sure what the problem was. They just called and asked if we could drive over and see them.

They lived in the next town over and when we passed it, Ole got a little grin on his face and asked what was I up to? I just smiled and said I was kidnapping him for a couple days and he should just lean back and enjoy the ride. I didn’t spill the beans about where we were going. It was more fun for him to try to figure it out as we drove.

I had reserved the hotel a couple days before. I made arrangements for our cats to be taken care of. Then I packed our bags and put them in the truck while he showered. I loved surprising him but he loved being surprised. If he didn’t, this may not have turned out as fun and wonderful as it did.

Romance is in the heart of the beholder. A dream getaway to a quiet remote island maybe your idea but not so appealing to someone that lives to party and loves the night life.

When you have lived the dream in your first Romantic Getaway, the second comes easier because your mind opens up to other ways to wow your lover. As well, your lover opens up to other new experiences. They begin to get excited about the next time because the first was so great. They also begin to think about how to wow you.

Romantic Getaways! They create blissful feelings; feelings of love, joy, happiness, contentment, excitement, and the list goes on.

Be open to the fantasy. Be open to the dream. Be open in your thoughts and hearts. Romance spreads from you heart to your head and back again. Let every day be a Romantic Getaway.

Passionate regards….Brenda

4th May

I Have GREAT News!

I am SO EXCITED I can hardly contain myself. I HAVE GREAT NEWS! The book Ole and I wrote so many years ago is NOW AVAILABLE!


ebook cover Passionate Results for Lovers

We had so much fun writing this book knowing that it will help bring more love into other peoples lives. And it has.

It is an instant down loadable ebook that you can start using today to experience the most incredible love of your life. Just like Ole and I had 😉

Click on the book cover above and it will take you to the order page. You will see pictures of us and can read about how we decided to write this book. As you scroll down to the bottom you will see the order buttons.

Life is a journey. Why not ride the train of passion, pleasure and unconditional love. If you are worried this is just another sex book, think again. There is SO MUCH MORE packed into this little volume of knowledge.

Start your journey to a more passionate, loving and peaceful relationship.


Passionate regards….Brenda

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