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Hello Passionate Lovers,

I am Brenda Poulsen. This is my husband Ole, and I am continuing the work we started some years ago before...well, let me start at the beginning.



mock wedding

Mock wedding from my 4 yr old Goddaughter


Ole and I met in Whitehorse, Yukon, Canada. I still marvel at how we met. This Danish guy comes to the Great White North to hunt and I was working for the outfitter. Go figure! You never know when Cupid will shoot his arrows of love.

When I met Ole in 1997, I never thought for a minute we would end up married. I was going to play with this young pup (he was 10 years younger than me) and send him home to Denmark. Thank the powers that be that we fell head-over-heels for each other.

Then after many expensive phone bills and a couple trips half way around the world, we got married in Gudme, Denmark May 25 1998. That was the HAPPIEST day of both our lives.

Maybe we both had different expectations about marriage but I can tell you, we did not get to enjoy that first year some people refer to as the Honeymoon phase.

Our first year of marriage was tough on both of us. How do you take two people from different families, ideals, and cultures and expect things to go smooth? We had cultural differences and at times, language problems. The age difference was never a problem with us but maybe for some other people it was. There was a couple people that asked if Ole was my SON! It was good for a laugh.

Anyway...we had been married maybe 6 months and we were both very unhappy. Very in love but the unhappy part was weighing both of us down. We had been arguing. Out of frustration and exhaustion, we started talking. I could not continue arguing and being sad so I said that we should end our marriage. I did not want to live so unhappy anymore.

Ole said that we shouldn't give up so easy. He was right of course and I am forever grateful that I agreed with him. We decided to work, YES WORK at our relationship.


 It takes 2

2 bridge the gaps 2 get closer

2 feel passion's desire  2 make love


But the sparks turned into fireworks for us. We found a solution and worked on our relationship. We loved to be together and we were at our best working together. It didn't matter if we were working on our books and seminars or if we were collecting firewood. We LOVED being together!

We started to learn more about relationships, love and each other. We talked more and watched less TV. In fact, for the first 6 years of our marriage, we didn't watch TV. We would rent movies but we had no access to any channels. I think it did our relationship a world of good because we learned how to talk and  learned more about each other as well as ourselves. It was the best.

Things started to turn around. We started to enjoy our life together. We started having more fun and were getting closer everyday. We played and explored with our minds and our bodies. What an amazing journey for both of us.


Brenda and Ole had THE MOST loving relationship I have EVER seen. It is so strange to see Brenda without Ole now.

 - Tom Hostland, SK, Canada


We learned so much from each other. Ole taught me that I don't have to yell and scream to be heard. I came from a big family with many of us having quick tempers and loud voices. That is how I knew how to deal with a problem. Ole showed me a different way that worked much better.

Ole was not as spontaneous as me. He wanted to work and create things pretty much all the time. I lived to have fun and do fun things. I mean so did he but it seemed like his fun things were more like work. I was able to show him you can do both and still get things accomplished.

We learned to connect in the stillness of a moment. I think that was one of the great lessons in our relationship. I think that is where our connection grew its roots forever deep and forever long.

During that first rocky year of marriage when we decided to make this work, we knew the only way we could do this was:

 to be open to all possibilities

 be honest with our feelings and words

 continue to learn about life and love

 NEVER use the past as a battle weapon


Your relationship is so special.

- many of Ole's Danish friends said that about us throughout our marriage 


We really started to enjoy our life together.



Ole in Jasper


us in snow SK


We had learned about love and how to love each other. We learned what to means to give love, accept love and to be loved. Unconditional love! Accepting each other with all their differences and flaws.


I was always so proud of you both that even through the really tough times, you never took it out on each other. You were there for each other and stood together.

- Lars Larsen, Denmark. Ole's friend from forever


I am not saying that we didn't have our fair share of 'discussions' (arguments, OK!) because we did. We were still two people with our own thoughts and ideas. But I will say that our marriage was perfect because we accepted that we both had our own thoughts and ideas and yeah, sometimes they didn't mesh. But it was okay. We knew how to defuse the bomb before it blew up into a huge fight.

We learned how to argue. It's true! Want to know how?

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 checkmarkArgue with Love is a quick guide to help you set ground rules for open discussions. You may be tempted into old habits of yelling, intimidation, mental or physical abuse, but after reading this little eBook, you will see there is an easier way to resolve your arguments and how to argue so you can reach a solution. No cheap punches below the belt!


Back to my story....

We had a love that people commented on almost daily. No Kidding! People we would just meet and begin talking with would say how loving and affectionate we were. It was amazing.

But then we noticed something.

We started to notice our friends and family in their relationships. How they argued publicly or belittled their spouse. We also noticed that they didn't touch each other or exchange any endearing words. 

We knew what we were doing was working for us to be closer and have a deeper love and connection with each other, so it would work for other people too. We knew that there must be other couples that were wanting to have the most amazing relationship possible but didn't know how or where to look.

When we first started our journey, we read a lot of books but found that the majority either focused on sex or the mechanics (so to speak) of a relationship. Some of them were really dry and hard to read. And we noticed that they didn't really talk about who was taking out the garbage and daily life stuff.

That is when we decided to write a book about what we did.

We created an amazing book to help other couples have the incredible relationship we had.


cover med

This book consists of 300 ardent activities to do together and for each other . These 300 Events help your relationship with your lover to be more enjoyable, loving, fun and memorable. In the Daily Events and Couples Events sections are activities that hold the knowledge for a healthy and happy life together.


The Events are filled with an affectionate dose of:

 laughter ♥ spirit  sex and silliness (yes the two can go hand in hand for a LOT of fun)  silly things  fun things  love things  talking silence  feelings and feeling.


Everything a healthy relationship consists of is played out in these activities.


A fantastic personal insight into human relationships. It shows a natural understanding of the rules we can choose to live our lives by. The book will touch people and not just in their intimate relationships…it covers so many areas of therapy and coaching without referencing them and this makes it real. It promotes the idea of fun and openness between consenting adults.  Natural empowerment instills passion, enthusiasm, devotion and respect. In these books (including the bonus books), Brenda and Ole show that they truly understand personal empowerment. 

- Steve Hammond, Life Coach 


This book is not filled with fluff and air. These are proven ways to enhance every area of your relationship and get out of the 'same old, same old' ruts we create in our long-term relationships as well as the patterns we slip into so easily in new relationships.

A life together does not just consist of romance and sex.

Passionate Results for Lovers goes far beyond that.

We have included many topics that will infuse your everyday life with a deeper connection and more love. You will experience more peace, understanding and unconditional love by using the knowledge we have shared in the Events sections.

Passionate Results for Lovers is a totally unique book.

You can not compare it to any others on the market.

"WHY?" you ask.



checkmarkIt is not gender based.

checkmarkWe created it for both heterosexual and same sex couples.

checkmarkANY AGE can experience the remarkable life changing, love enhancing excitement.

checkmarkThere is something for everyone in an intimate relationship to learn, try, experience and become. 


This is how will YOU benefit from using the knowledge in

small cover

 checkmarkYou will know the difference between intimacy and romance and how this knowledge will help enhance your relationship and the love you share


 checkmarkYou will know what three desires everyone has and how this will help you and your lover to connect on deeper, more intimate levels


 checkmarkYou will learn to bring sacredness into your love making


 checkmarkYou will learn how to Argue With Love to help diffuse the situation before it escalates out of control


 checkmarkYou will learn new adult games to play together in and out of the bedroom and why playing games is important


 checkmarkYou will experience how laughter will improve your health and relationship


 checkmarkYou will experience that playing adult games together will bring you closer emotionally, spiritually and physically


 checkmarkYou will understand that creating spirit in your relationship will help create a stronger foundation in your life together 


We really enjoyed the secrets the Poulsen’s have discovered. Easy to understand and easy to put to use. I couldn’t put the book down from the beginning to the end. There are so many new and fresh ideas, sometimes it is hard to decide which Event to choose. Brenda and Ole have come up with very creative and inexpensive ways to spend time with your partner. We don’t need to spend money to do the activities. If you follow their advice, your love life will improve. This is a great book for someone whose partner is creatively challenged.

 - Marlene P, Yukon, Canada


PLUS, you get the Code to Live By; sound advice to help any relationship through the toughest times and on to the sweetest moments.

Passionate Results for Lovers holds all the knowledge you will need to have a happy, healthy, loving relationship. We are not just talking sex and romance because there is SO MUCH MORE involved in living a loving life together. We explain how to infuse love into each and every day of your life.



Now I am going to tell you, straight up, that there will be things in this book that may make you feel uncomfortable. Things you may think are really off the wall, but that doesn't mean you have to try them today.

Find your level of comfort with some new experiences and then move forward from there. As your level of comfort expands, so will your eagerness to try other adventurous Events.

As you grow and expand in yourself, so will your relationship. You will gain more love, joy, excitement and confidence in yourself and your lover. Not to mention a deeper connection with each other and more peace.



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These are original reports that Ole and I put together specifically to compliment Passionate Results for Lovers. We had been advised to sell these bonuses alone, as a package. But we said no! This is information people can use right now to bring more love into their lives.

Other people put a value amount on their bonuses but I cannot begin to imagine what these bonus books and reports could mean to someone else. For Ole and I, the information in these reports were priceless because they helped us have a marriage others were obviously envious of. 


You had a relationship with each other that is so amazing. I have seen many couples come in here and I have never seen a marriage like yours. You had a very special bond. That is something that will be with you forever.

 - a nurse at the hospital that had only known us for the 24 hours before Ole died. I didn't know her name.


You had a stronger and deeper relationship in 9 years than most people that have been married for 50 years.

 - Psychologist at the cancer clinic in Odense, Denmark. I don't remember his name.


So I guess the cat is out of the bag why, in the beginning of this page, I said we HAD an amazing relationship.

My handsome, smart, funny, loving husband, Ole Poulsen, died in Svendborg, Denmark hospital January 15, 2006. Only 1 month before his 33rd birthday. Far too young and wonderful to die so early. But he did.

When we found out that he had a tumor on his heart, he made me promise that I would continue with our plans and if he died, I would make sure the book would be made available to everyone that wanted it or needed it. Ole wanted others to experience and live a life full of love and complete trust like we had. I am ready to do that now.

Kind of ironic that a man with such a big heart and so much love died from a broken heart of sorts.

I can not tell you how deeply I miss him. And I can not tell you what loosing Ole has done to me. But I can tell you I know what we experienced in our relationship and what we learned and have taught others will change your life.

Ole definitely changed my life. He taught me all about love; what it means to be loved, to give love and to accept love into my life. He taught me how to accept the flaws and imperfections we all have without thought of changing the other person. Love them as they are.

But in the same breath, Ole learned all of this from me too. We complimented each other's strengths and helped the other with their weaknesses.

We had only 9 incredible years together, loving, learning and teaching each other as well as others. What a crazy, wonderful journey it was! But this man changed my life as much as I changed his. We grew into our true selves you could say.

This has been the greatest gift in my life being married to Ole. I am still and always will be so proud of my man and grateful each and every day for the love he gave me unconditionally.

So...HOW MUCH for this package of knowledge?

Ole and I always talked about making it affordable to as many people as possible. We had experts telling us that we should charge an arm and a leg for this package. Maybe even ask for the first born child!

Just kidding!!

We were advised to sell this package for no less than $97.00. Why we asked? There are many people, as we well experienced ourselves in our early days, that could not afford to spend that amount.

So it was suggested to us to bring it down to $49.97.

We said still too much.


This life changing package is only $19.97. Get it NOW!



Once you receive Passionate Results for Lovers and all the bonuses, you will understand why our advisors said it was worth a lot more.

Your relationship will never be the same after you experience this life changing exciting information. 

Allow yourselves to have more love, more peace and a deeper physical, emotional and spiritual connection in your relationship. 

Passionate Regards,

Brenda (and Ole) Poulsen

Relationship Nutritionists


P.S. - I can tell you, first hand, no one knows what tomorrow will bring. No one knows how much longer they have with that person they want to grow old with and love for eternity. Ask me! So make the MOST of the time you have which is NOW


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